Getting "Another domain is already using this domain" error

When I tried linking “” to “”, I ran into “Another domain is already using this domain error.”. Can you please help me solve this issue?


@srikanth235 That custom domain is definitely already on Netlify.

|===================== dig name server(s) for ===================
| ----------------------- -----------------------
| ------------------- should agree with whois -------------------

Do you have two accounts? Do you work with anyone else who might have added this to Netlify? The easiest way is to resolve it from your end.

The alternative is to verify your ownership / control of that custom domain so tech support can help out.

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AFAIK, there are neither other accounts nor other individuals who could have added this to netlify. I added TXT record with the URL of this post. Can you please help with verifying the owernship?

@srikanth235 Someone from Netlify support will have to help you with this. I’m not yet seeing the TXT record you added, but maybe it simply hasn’t propagated.

I second what @gregraven said. Have checked twice now and see no record.

I see that one of our three sites is pointed to and that is causing the error. Removed the record and it is all sorted from my end. Thank you much for your support!

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Glad to know you found a solution! Thanks for following up, @srikanth235 :netliconfetti: