Getting 404 after redirecting a domain to website

Hello everyone

I had a website and domain working all fine on Netlify. But decided to change my domain and redirect the old domain to new one.
So what I did is, made a new website on Netlify and attached the new domain to it which is working fine. Then removed the old website with old domain from Netlify and moved it to Cloudflare to redirect it to new website on Netlify from there.
I created CNAMEs like this:

Type    Name                  Content
CNAME   www         

With proxy/CDN off.

As far as I know this should work properly, but when I’m trying to reach the old domain which redirected ( I get a 404 from Netlify.

Also tried redirecting old domain to new one ( but result is same.
its worth mentioning CNAME flattening is done by Cloudflare automatically.

Old domain:
New domain:
Netlify app:

Apparently this is not a DNS zone issue:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6
;; UDP setup with 2a06:98c1:50::ac40:20a2#53(2a06:98c1:50::ac40:20a2) for failed: network unreachable.
;; UDP setup with 2a06:98c1:50::ac40:21e0#53(2a06:98c1:50::ac40:21e0) for failed: network unreachable.          86400   IN      NS          86400   IN      NS
;; Received 96 bytes from in 271 ms

@Naadiyaar Perhaps you’re looking for Domain aliases?

That’s right, CNAMEs were fine and adding a domain allies is what I was missing.
Thank you