Get CLI deploy preview responses to Git

Hi All,

So I have my app configured to run its CI tests on Travis CI, and only once the tests succeed do I trigger a deployment on Netlify using netlify deploy. As I used to be the sole contributor directly to the main branch, this works fine.

The project has expanded and now we have 2 contributors. So we created development branches for each of us. What I am now trying to achieve is to use netlify build --context deploy-preview as part of my Travis CI workflow to manually trigger deploy-previews for (a) my development branch and/or (b) PRs to the main branch. The latter is more important so that code reviewers can play around and see what impact the changes have on the codebase.

I tried using that command on Travis CI and the build seems to run fine. However, I do not get the notification back to GitHub on my PR. Is there a way to get GitHub’s PR to display the preview link even though I trigger the deploy previe through Travis CI?

Thanks in advance!

The only way to integrate Netlify’s build notifications with deploy preview checks at GitHub is to use our Git backed deploys with a build at Netlify.

When using manual deployments with the Netlify CLI tool, there is no link between builds and commits. Because of this, there is no way to update the deploy preview with the notifications from Netlify when manually deploying.