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Hi everyone!

I am remaking my portfolio and I was thinking of creating a “contact me” button where the person visiting the page can write an email to me. Is that possible using netlify? I am currently studying Front-End Development so I am not that good at the backend stuff. Do I need to use firebase or something like that?

any advice would be appreciated

Hi @drako88,

You don’t need anything so complicated. You’re probably looking for:

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Thanks alot, it seems to be exactly what I am looking for! I am going to give it a try now =)

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Hi again!

I just tried it and I recieved an info that it has been sent, but I cant find it anywhere. In the link you sent me it says it goes to my admin page… but I dont think I have one. any clue on what to do? is it a paid membership thing?

Hi there, @drako88 :wave:

Thanks for following up. When I followed the link @hrishikesh shared above in this thread, it routed me to our Docs site. Here is what that will look like:

if you navigate to docs.netlify.com you can search our documentation for various topics. You do not need to be a paying customer to access the Docs!

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Hi Hillary,

I had problems finding the admin panel. But I looked around and found it!

Thanks =)

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