General Queries


We are looking to deploy or web app on netlify can we know that what benefits we can get by availing the free or paid subscription plans, also we have some queries which are given below

Our queries are:
1 Will the site be working properly when there will be a lot of traffic
2 And if the site is not working due to some errors how will you manage it?
3 Will you provide help with the hosting and technical issues

Please help us with these queries

Hi there, @lakshitmadaan12 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! I think this Scope of Support doc will be beneficial for you, as it addresses question two and three that you ask above.

In terms of “a lot of traffic”, can you share more about the type you will be hosting and the traffic you expect? This will help us answer your question as best as possible. You can always look at our pricing page for bandwidth specifics as well.