GatsbyJs with TinaCMS and netlify Image rendering issue when build

Hi I am new to gatsby.js , when i am doing “gatsby develop” then the images from frontmatter are rendering properly but when i am doing “gastby build” and serve then the frontmatter images are not working.

After facing the issue i have create a fresh gatsby site with a single post with frontmatter images. But I am facing the same issue here also. The simple gatsby starter code is here GitHub - virtualbull-rmt/gatsby-starter . Can anyone please review the code once and tell me what i am doing wrong. I am struggling with this since 1 week. Please Help

To get the page with image please go to GATSBY_URL/sample-blog/

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch! Can you let us know if you’re still hitting this issue, and if so, can you clarify the reproduction steps? I cloned the repo and it looks like both the local dev and prod environments are properly rendering the images.

It also looks like the /sample-blog route no longer exists. Looking forward to hearing from you!