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Gatsby website doesnt load on mobile


I’m having trouble getting my website to work on mobile. Works fine on desktop, but on mobile the images aren’t even being loaded and nothing is clickable! Pls help!


Hi @Nugo

The images on your site don’t load properly for me on desktop.

Not sure why you are using base64 encoded data instead of linking to an image, but you can see the intrinsic size of the logo is 20 x 5 px however it is rendered at 157 x 38 px hence why it looks all blurry/pixellated.

I suggest the issue is the same for the other images on your page.

Thinks may work properly for you in your default browser due to caching. If you try a different browser, or a private/incognito window you may find it no longer renders.

This is why the page won’t render on a mobile device properly either.

Hi all!! It turned out to be a stuuuupid careless mistake! I forgot to remove Redux Dev Tools from the production build, and thats why the website was stalling!!

All working now thank you so much.

Hi coelmay, thats actually Gatsby image working behind the scenes, lazy loading my png image. Im using default settings with gatsby image so I dont think theres an issue there… Thank you for your reply