Gatsby SSR : avoid loading .mdb


I have a Gatsby website with a lot of nodes (29678 on prod). This is an ad website allowing real estate companies to advertise their properties.
In order to make the new ads pages immediately available after their publication (not wanting to wait for build/deploy), I tried to use gatsby’s SSR getServerData feature.

I did a page with a dynamic path, so it looks like /fr/properties/[property_id].
property_id is then retrieved in getServerData which uses it to do a fetch on my own API.

This is working fine locally, but on Netlify, the function can’t execute because it fails to download the .mdb file that is too big. The lambda times out.

As I don’t need to use it, is there a way to avoid downloading this file ?

I also thought about building a client only page, but I wanted to have it cached by Netlify rather than re-generated/re-fetching each time someone wants to load an ad.

Is this - unfortunately - the best way to solve my issue ?

My stage site id: 5fbdd0db-d4cd-4163-8ee6-6f12847fa2e9

Thanks for your help !