Gatsby - Error Loading CMS Configuration

I keep trying to move the config.yml file around as I’ve found in other solution threads on here and github, but I can’t seem to reslove the problem. (Yes, it is a yml file, not yaml)

Here’s what I keep getting:

Config Errors:

Error: Failed to load config.yml (404)

Check your config.yml file.

Here’s the URL:

I also simply copy-pasted the directions on the Netlify CMS docs for Gatsby. Any suggestions?

Hi, welcome to the Netlify community forums. Can you share a repo of your website? It seems your config.yml isn’t deployed, do you have the file in the right spot eg static/admin/config.yml?

Have a look at the official Gatsby starter:, it’s a pretty good reference!

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Awesome! That worked! Thanks Tom! :slight_smile:

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