[Gatsby] Delay to navigate to link only on iOS


I have a Gatsby site hosted on netlify (https://vigilantes-do-sono.netlify.app/).
Sometimes, when navigating between links, it takes a lot of time (sometimes 30 seconds or more) to load the next page (apparently due to the file page-data.json loading).
The strange part is that this problem happens only on iOS (it works fine on android and my mac). Maybe this is related to the service-worker and some cache issues regarding this page-data.json?

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

hey ghashi,

how frustrating! we’d need to know a little bit more about what is happening here in order to debug.

Can you try the following - can you create a HAR file for us when you see this error? Which browsers have you observed this on? is it iOS on your phone over data network or over the same wifi that you are seeing it load normally on your laptop?


Hi! Thanks for your support!

I did some updates (mainly on the Service Worker) and now I can’t reproduce the bug anymore! I’m still checking if everything is alright and if I discover any issue, I will send the HAR file here.

Again, thanks for your help!

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