Gatsby Cloud migration for site that already hosted in Netlify

Hi there,
We have both Gatsby Cloud and Netlify account (pro). Our site is built within Gatsby Cloud, but hosted in Netlify. What actions do we need for Migrating from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify?

Many thanks!

Have you checked:

Thanks for reply. We did. We can’t find any information about the site that is already hosted in Netlify but built in Gatsby Cloud.

It’s listed on page 4:

Thanks for pointing out. Our site is already hosted in Netlify. I guess we need to link it to the git repository plus some configurations, then build in Netlify. We will need to make sure how header and redirect still work. We use gatsby-plugin-netlify in Gatsby Cloud for some header config. It seems now gatsby-adapter-netlify is the way to go.

We also need to figure out how to connect to the WordPress content source and trigger the build automatically in Netlify.

So it sounds like you’ve got it all, or do you still need help?

Yes, key things have been done, should not expect any major issues. Many thanks.