Gatsby Builds are failing with exit code 1

My Build is failing again and again due to some reason. Builds are working fine but suddenly starts failing. This is my site id : f0301307-0ada-4f33-a17f-d392506bfd7f

Hi @HussnainINS,

Thanks for reaching out. I see your most recent site deployed successfully. Are you still having this issue?

I have resolved this issue. But I don’nt know the cause of the problem. Can you please explain whats the problem so that it never happens again. Thank you

You haven’t linked us to a failing deploy, so I’m not sure which one exactly we were supposed to check. I checked the last failed deploy: Deploy details | Deploys | herbco | Netlify and that seems to be an error with the code - it was expecting an object, it received null.

Maybe you can tell us how you resovled the problem?

I have started the build with clear cache and then issue is resolved. But I don’t know the why builds are failing in the first place. Below is the build id for the issue:


Hi, thanks for sharing this bit. I’m going to escalate your query to our helpdesk as they will be able to assist you further.

Is there any update from help desk?

Hi @HussnainINS yes,

They responded to you on June 27th ticket #157410

Please take a look in your email/spam folder.