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Functions on events do not run on one of sites

According to Trigger serverless functions on events | Netlify Docs
I have 3 functions:
but they do not run on one of my test sites.
Can’t figure out why. Site ‘quirky-almeida-706c33’

But the same functions work as expected on another site.

Hey there, @web2033 :wave:

Sorry for the slow response here! Can you confirm if you are still encountering this issue? If you are, let me know and I can loop in our Support Team. If you are no longer having issues, please let us know what steps you used to solve this problem!


Yes. The issue is still present as described. (I triggered deployment on two sites, and one of them is not triggering those functions.)

Hey there! Any chance you could try the building function again, but make it only a console.log("hello world!") function or similar?

I did.

exports.handler = async () => {
  console.log('Hello World!')

Then triggered redeploy from UI.
Logs are empty for that function.

Hey there, thanks for your patience!

Upon further inspection, it appears as though you have deleted the NETLIFY DNS records from your DNS pane. You have kept the NETLIFYv6 records.

With this configuration, we’ll only serve traffic over IPv6.

We suspect that this is impacting our ability to execute these functions from our build environment. May we re-add the NETLIFY records on your behalf?

Yes, thanks.
They probably ended in netlify.com instead of netlify.app and I thought they were old.

The records have been backfilled. Could you check if something changes in this regard?

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That helped. Functions work again! Thanks!

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