Function timeout increase

Hi @eglyants :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums thanks so much for reaching out! :netliconfetti: This is done can you please redeploy to activate?

The 26s function timeout is the max regardless of the plan tier this is set by aws lambda restrictions.

Greetings. We have upgraded to the Pro account. Could we please have the serverless function timeout increased to 26 seconds for the following Site?

Site ID: c1d15b4a-ff90-4a2f-a6b7-a3fcd5e7d736

Thank you for your time.


Hey @Memcap :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums I upgraded your timeout limit to 26s. Can you please redeploy to activate?

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We redeployed and it appears to be working. Many thanks!

Hello! I would like to request an increase to the functions time limit for the website 41384cdb-9f03-4192-84b9-733b64e295b6.

Thank you!

Hi @biorfarm :wave:t6: , can you please redeploy? I updated this for you.

Thank you.
Unfortunately, I still get 502 error after 10s (requests to nextjs api)

Hi @biorfarm :wave:t6: , thatโ€™s strange and you redeployed?

If so we will need to investigate further. Can you please share a HAR file or x-nf-request-id?

Hi SamO


Thank you for your time!

Hi, Iโ€™m running into the same issue.

Is it possible to get an increase in the timeout for:
Site ID: 89e87df9-2dd4-4571-beae-5278847255f3

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Hi @jkristensen , this is updated can you please redeploy?

Thank you. I no longer get the timeout error :slight_smile:

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Hi @SamO :wave:t6:
Any news on my poor request? :sweat_smile:


Hi @biorfarm sorry for missing this. I chatted with the team and it should be working now. Can you try redeploying one more time (after 60 minutes after it times out) and see if that solves the issue?

Hi @SamO , I can confirm itโ€™s working now.

Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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yay! :netliconfetti: Thanks so much for confirming.

@SamO would it be possible to request a lambda function timeout increase to 26s for dancing-cocada-94e4f1?

sorry could I also please request the increase for brilliant-dieffenbachia-13cb8d as well.

thank you

Hello Netlify,

Could you please increase the site timeout to 26 seconds?
This is my site ID be87ac4e-2ee8-436d-be95-c3117f2032d4

Appreciate this

Hi Netlify,

Could you please increase the timeout limit for this:
Site ID: 2b7c5e00-578b-4833-b06c-2d76ba8b8a80

Thank you!

Hello I have a client demonstration soon and because weโ€™re using staging env for the reverse proxy the lambda calls are slower, please if we could amended this