Function timeout increase

Hi @muito

Welcome to the community!

The change has been made. You will need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

Hey @hillary please upgrade my execution time from 10 to 26 please
My account pro too

Hi @elden please upgrade my execution time for my site, ID: f4e44439-c232-41d7-9c7e-c203cba4ad81
my account pro too

Many thanks :slight_smile:

hi @teddyirawan

done! redeploy to make it effective.


It would be great if we could increase the function timeout for the site with ID: aee4b788-bd63-4504-bd59-812bc6d345ec. Although I do not have Pro access the account that holds the site its has the Pro tier.


Hiya @Camilo! Welcome to the forums :wave:t6:. We are so glad you are here. We have increased your function timeout. Can you please redeploy for the effect to be implemented.

@gualter my web still error
Task timed out after 26.03 seconds
please upgrade my execution time for my site again, ID: f4e44439-c232-41d7-9c7e-c203cba4ad81

Hey SamO,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I forgot to also include this other siteID: 7ab000b9-3bc8-474d-9a44-75667f0057bc to increase it’s timeout.

Thank you :smiley:

Hi @Camilo, this sites function timeout has also been increased! :netliconfetti: Thanks for stopping by. (:wave:t6: Please redeploy.