Function timeout increase

Thanks so much Melvin!

Good morning!

Would you please extend the function timeout for site ID: 911ab3d7-ca54-42b3-841b-7df9631b91c5

Thank you!

@ab-ibrahim The function timeout for that site is already set to 26 seconds

Hi. Could I etened the funtion timeout for site ID : c05d7037-7a87-4a20-98f5-e6699db7508c. Thank you!

Hi @itsMikeLowrey :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out! I increased your function timeout. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.

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Can i get increased function timeout to 26 seconds for
site id: 98b8c78d-bbc6-47b0-bbe8-5c7e3005fc3b

@Radagastno1 done! You’ll need to redeploy to see the changes take effect

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@support Can you please update the function timeout to something more than 30 secs?
Site: “netberry-next”,
ID: 72272a6f-e009-4276-9e51-fab1fcffa1ae

We are already on the pro plan.

Hi, the maximum function timeout is 26s. I have made this change for you. Can you please re-deploy to see this take effect?

Thanks, it has been increased.

Is there are way to upgrade the function timeout without notifying you guys? I need my site upgraded as well.

The site-id is df63af26-1c30-4c23-be48-c475e8c6d3f9

I dont mean upgraded but the limit increased please.

This is done, please re-deploy.

Please increase function timeout to 26 seconds for this site 448a7a94-dbb1-4b04-b9fd-1cb2b053d1b7

Thanks for reaching out @NGMI,

I’ve increased the function time limit to 26 seconds for your site. You’ll need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

Hello, could you please increase timeout limit for my site ee62dd1c-554b-40ed-9f8d-fb19a61bb1e3 ?

This is done. Please re-deploy.

Could you please do the same for this server id?

Hi :wave:t6: thanks so much for reaching out. I have increase the function timeout. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.

Hi, can you please increase the function timeout limit for this site 99def6f9-324c-4e70-80bd-d6e5ea347db0 ? Thanks!