Function timeout increase

Hello, if it possibly increase please my site timeout:


I’ve increased the timeout. Please redeploy to make the changes take effect

Hi there, can you increase the timeout for d3a4a38-e5da-441b-8c93-80d9569cf649 and a7d7f 6eab-4216-903-15afca11f2 please? I am on Pro

HI @robuust,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you give the site name (for example as I’m not finding any sites with those Site IDs. and, thanks!

@robuust I’ve increased the timeout limit to 26 seconds for both sites, you’ll need to redeploy to see the changes take effect.

Hi, can you bump my site up to 26 seconds as well?


Hi there! we can definitely bump you up to 26 seconds, but you’ll need to be on the Pro tier for us to make that change - that’s a requirement that applies to everyone who wants a bigger timeout. You can upgrade to Pro easily through the Netlify UI dashboard.

If you let us know when you have upgraded, we can change the settings for you!

Hi Netlify,
Could you please increase the timeout limit for site c18c949d-e22b-4ef4-b9b1-27dde9b40cb0 please?


Hi @MSM,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m showing that the function time limit has already been increased for site c18c949d-e22b-4ef4-b9b1-27dde9b40cb0 to the maximum of 26 seconds.

Could you let us know if you’re seeing issues with function timeouts?

Hi Netlify,
Could you please increase the timeout limit for site 8931d716-5e4f-41aa-a661-ffe4d4f4b7e9 please?


Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out! I have increased the timeout for your site. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.

Hi there, could you increase the timeout limit for 1a6e5588-8824-4643-8f46-d3607196cb72?

Hi @robuust,

We’ve increased the function time limit on your site to 26 seconds (the maximum). You’ll need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

Hi there. I’m currently on the pro plan and would like to have my timeout for the following site increased to 26 seconds.

The site ID for reference is b6bb10c0-9395-4175-9003-833371446918.

Also, I was wondering if I could receive notifications (preferably through email) whenever a timeout occurs? Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi thanks for reaching out. I have increased your function timeout to 26s. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.

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Good morning!

Would you please extend the function timeout for site ID: 9f7b6cf5-05e8-4edb-8c21-f1e521e25cae

Thank you!


@Stephen I’ve increased the function timeout to 26 seconds, you’ll need to redeploy the site to see the change take effect.

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Hi there! Could you also increase the timeout to 26s for this site ID: d1fb4558-d7ba-47fc-bed7-d9da6b0fe5d6 ? We are currently on Pro as well. Please and thank you!


Hi @rosskinner,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I’ve increased the function time out to 26 seconds (the maximum) for the site. You’ll need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

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