Function timeout increase

Hello, thanks for doing that. My lambda was working perfectly all day, but I had to re-deploy it and now it is timing out after 10 seconds once again. Can you bump it back up? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Site ID: e58ced52-dfd0-4bf9-84aa-2ba1cf8971ee

Hey there, @peterjast :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. I am trying to investigate what happened here, and it looks like you are currently on our starter plan. Has this always been the case? If so, please upgrade to Pro and then confirm you have done so here, so that we can enable the function timeout for you.

Hello support team!

Could you increase the functions timeout of this site 155f13a8-8d32-4bc9-9127-939ee36064e9 to 26 seconds please.

Thank you :grin:

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Hey there, @allansolutions :wave:

We have increased your functions timeout to 26 seconds for your account. Happy building!

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Hi @hillary,

I hear you are increasing function timeout limits :slight_smile:

Can you hook us up on please? We are on Pro tier.



Hey there, @Jon_Wyatt :wave:

The rumors are true! I have gone ahead and increased your function timeout limit to 26 seconds. Happy building :rocket:

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@hillary Hello! Can you increase the timeout for our site (LeftLane) please! Thank you!

Hey there, @Fritz :wave:

Welcome to the Support Forums! We have completed this for you. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks @hillary

Unfortunately it did not seem to work, we are still getting 10 second timeouts

Our site ID: 013acacd-f786-47f6-9b7c-43d544d3c79e

Hi @hillary,
Is it necessary to do an additional configuration in netlify.toml? it is still expiring the functions at 10 seconds. I’m from the @allansolutions team

Hey @dcadenaallan,

Did you re-deploy your site after the timeout increase? If not, that’s required.

Hi @hrishikesh
That is to say that it is only reflected in production? In a local environment, it is not possible to put them to run for 26 seconds.

If you use netlify link and link your CLI to the Netlify site, it would take effect there too.

Hey @hrishikesh

I did the following steps:

  1. netlify unlink
  2. netlify link

I confirm the site ID: 155f13a8-8d32-4bc9-9127-939ee36064e9

That is weird. I could see the timeout being set at 26 before on the account-level. I have now explicitly set it on the site-level. Does that help?

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HI @hrishikesh
Thank you, the functions already have the expected timeout

Hey folks, can we also get our site (ID: 13ebeb65-b6b7-4a38-aeba-a1c7432fc8da) timeout increased to 26s? We’re on the pro plan

Hey there, @davidlee1435 :wave:

I have gone ahead and increased your timeout limit to 26s on your account. You will need to re-deploy your site for the changes to take effect. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Hi @hillary and @hrishikesh

Is it possible to further increase the timeout of our functions, if so, what would be the maximum?

Hi Netlify team!
Could you please increase our functions timeout limit to 25s? We are currently on the Pro plan.
Here is the Site ID: d61d661c-dcff-45ab-a62a-8f2386ac207d