Function timeout increase

Yup! Just got that updated across your account, @simonemarra . Note that new deploys on each site will be needed to activate the change!

Hi Netlify Team! We recently migrated from a previous app that you had bumped the timeout for to a new app, and it just dawned on me that we need to update our new app’s Function timeout to 26 seconds.

Could you please make that change for the following app? Site ID: b8acea7a-730d-4a48-acfd-51c16dc3bd01

Thank you!

Hey @oneredoak,

This is done!

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Hello Netlify Team,

Can you please increase the timeout for my site to 26s also? My site is unusable because of the 10sec timeout.

"This function has crashed
An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

2023-05-12T17:27:51.662Z d1dca7a0-ae99-413a-a1e4-67d44580465c Task timed out after 10.02 seconds

Netlify internal ID: 01H08G21ZPSKT4C0PJVKYGD98Y

I really appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

Hey Netlify Team,
can you please increase the timeout to 26s for my site 1d998cb8-c1db-4c80-94b4-fac84ae43638 , too?


Hi @alexis can you provide the site id? This isn’t populating for me!

Hi @machiaveli88 welcome to the forums! This is done can you please re-deploy to see this in effect!

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Could you please increase Function timeout to 26 seconds for our app?
Site ID: aefbdced-375c-4574-9973-ecf851bf2b5c

Thank you in advance!

Hiya, this is done please re-deploy your app.

Hello, please could we get 26 seconds for our app on Site ID: c996e63b-08bc-4e3b-b008-812437ea36d7

Hi, this updated and reflected. Please redeploy to see in effect.

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I would kindly ask if you could increase timeout for all sites to 30sec (current & future) under our account.

Thank you very much.

@katrina-r it seems timeout has not yet been increased (redeployed)


Hi, your account is set to the max already. You should see this after you commit to git and redeploy.

Hello @SamO → we have redeployed the sites (multiple times) and there is still the 10.02 second task timed out error. One of the sites with this error (for example) 248a2533-d024-4ceb-b687-515b4c9fd3e4.

Please advise.

it also does not work with a newly created site (a8bdd30d-2881-4704-9a1f-0ffea060f6d8)

One possible cause - you also switched our server location per request => Can I set my Netlify server location? - #33 by SamO

Hi @sportkey

It is possible that other change was related. Thank you for pointing that out. I believe you should be set now. Could you try another deploy?

For sure SamO ! Sorry for this error.

The site ID is : 8f15055a-7799-4d1c-9f66-ee4672946032

Can you upgrade it ?

Have nice day,