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Friendly request to increase functions timeout

Hello awesome Netlify support team!

Could you please increase lambda execution time to 26s in pp-fns-stg.netlify.app ? We are now in Functions Lvl 2.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @passionatepeople,

You don’t seem to have a Netlify website with the email address used on the forums. What is the website in question?

hi @hrishikesh thanks for your reply, indeed the forum account was using another e-mail just updated it now so they match.

Awesome, however you’ve a lot of sites. Which website exactly do we need to make the change for? Is it: api-staging.passionatepeople.io?

That’s correct, it is api-staging.passionatepeople.io (the site name is pp-fns-stg (API id:

Thanks for looking into this!

Done. It should now have 26 seconds of timeout.

Wohooo Thank you @hrishikesh!!! :smiley: awesome support as always!

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