Framework incorrectly identified as Hugo

I have a couple of sites that use JSSSG as their SSG (, but show up in my dashboard as Hugo sites.

In the build logs I see:

Detected 1 framework(s)
"hugo" at version "unknown"

How is this detection done? And how can I correct it?

A few sites where this is happening:

You have a config.json in the root of the repo. Hugo now uses hugo.toml/yaml/json, but in the past, this file was called config.toml/yaml/json: Configure Hugo | Hugo ( Since folks are still using the old naming convention, we’re still using that to detect Hugo.

I don’t think this is causing you any issues other than cosmetic, is it?

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Thanks, that explains it.
No issues caused by it - just found it confusing (and was worried it might be a symptom of a wider lurking problem).