FR: improve branch deploy emails

Branch deploy automated emails are unhelpfully threaded on email clients (ie: Gmail). All branch deploys on a site have the same subject line even if they’re different branches. This makes following active projects with multiple branches difficult.

  • FR: change the subject line format to: “[Netlify] New branch deploy feature/foo-bar”
    • “feature/foo-bar” is the branch name
  • FR: include branch deploy URL within body of email.
    • Currently this is hidden behind a button “See the changes live”

Netlify - branch deploy email

Thanks, great feature suggestion! I do not know how soon we’ll get to making a change like that, so there are a few workarounds you could try:

  1. instead of notifying via email, notify zapier via webhook. We send a lot of good information with that notification - deploy ID, site name, branch name, commit sha, etc - in a format that is rather stable (it’s not an API, but it also hasn’t had anything removed in years). Then you can use zapier to filter the notifications or change the subject/body to be relevant. You could also unhide the URL from under the button this way.

  2. to remove the dependency on a third party service you could instead use an event-triggered function: Trigger functions on events | Netlify Docs - which you could do the same thing in (munge the notification and pass it on, or ignore repeated ones that you don’t care about, etc). Though you’d have to build this code, it won’t cost you anything extra or put a dependency on another service.

For our high-build-volume sites here, we tend to funnel all those notifications into zapier and pick out the interesting ones (usually it’s the failures, but on occasion we’ll use keywords like regression or outage to highlight important fixes that would otherwise get silenced by the filter).

I did pass your suggestion on to our Product team, but that will only ensure that they see it; please do not construe that as a promise to implement any changes, though I do want to validate you - your idea is a good one!