Forms Notifications are not sending email notifications

Hi Luke, is perfectlypoppinlvsf at gmail on the bounce list?

No, that doesn’t seem to be on the list.

we’ve tried a couple different emails for this domain and haven’t received a notification ( at ) is this domain on the bounce list?

since it did work to a different (at address.

@luke @hrishikesh

I just checked and this isn’t popping up on this list.

okay thanks for checking. yes we actually did have success with another at email. so it may have just been mine that it didn’t work with it seemed.

What about I can send emails to this address but the netlify notification never comes.

Hi, @Michael_Mannucci. We did receive a hard bounce notification for that email address earlier today. I have removed that email address from the hard bounce list now so sending should resume for that email address again now.

If you still cannot receive emails for it, please let us know.

I am not receiving email notifications on [] but I can see the form submissions on Netlify. Could it be the same issue of being on bounce list. Please help.

I’m not seeing any restrictions on the email

Hey Everyone!

It seems like I’m having the same problem for form sumbissions on Process | Hercules Design Build

The notifications are set for mail (at) and david (at)

I receive the notifications fine on mail (at) but not for david (at)

Could you please check if david (at) is on a bounce list?


The email has been removed from Hard Bounce list.

Hi could you check if is on a bounce list?

Hi, this email is not in the hard bounce list.

Hello, I believe I am receiving a similar problem, the email is Thanks in advance!

Hi, this email is not on our hard bounce list.

Hi @SamO

Do you mind checking if is on the hard bounce list. My brother is not getting his notifications through to his email although I can see received form data in the admin console for netlify.

I just realised the hard bounce list could be the underlying issue. Two other email addresses I have tested against as part of the troubleshooting has worked fine with sending the notifications through.

Many thanks,

Hi, @StuartMacD. That email address was on the hard bounce list and it has been removed now. Please let us know if the form submissions are still not being received for that email address now that this change has been made.

Hi @luke

Many thanks! Perfect! Everything is working again.

Thanks for the quick work on this!