Forms Notifications are not sending email notifications

thank you @hillary, I will test again once this is working again

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We are back in business with sending notifications as of a couple hours ago; would love to hear if you are still not seeing notifications! (something else will be wrong, in that case).

Note that notifications received on 27 Sept between 1600 and 2045 UTC are still stuck in an email queue, but new ones will jump the line and should be delivered quickly. If not, drop us a link to your forms notification page (something like Netlify App) so we have a good place to start our investigation!

I am also having issues with one email notification.
Website: thepmgrp
Form: Contact

the notification works for, but not for

Hey @Noisy_Trumpet :wave: !

It looks like the email server for is filtering form submission notification emails from Netlify. This will need to be resolved with the email provider.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

This information may be useful for your email admin, @Noisy_Trumpet - this is what your server says when we try to send:

554 5.7.1 Filter Rule 16 - Global REJECT Filter Macro 33899

I am also having issues with one email notification.
Website: bellwebagency
Form: Contact

the notification works for, but not for

I got this to work now

Hey there, thanks for feeding back that you found a fix! Happy to help if anything else arises.

I’m facing the same issue, likely for the same reason. My email is : .
Can you please check it.

hey there @SneharupMukherjee - we checked in our systems and apparently we have not tried to send any email to that address in the last 30 days. there are no recorded successes nor failures.

Hi, I believe I’m having the same issue with form notifications. My email is Please check that when possible. Thanks!

Hi, I think we are having the similar issue with form notifications.

Hope you can help us out too. Thanks

Hey there, @Mike_McPhillips and @Unbuilt_Agency, thanks so much for reaching out. We believe that we have corrected this. You now should be receiving email notifications.

It’s working. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Hillary. It’s working for me now.

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Hi there,

I believe that my email,, might be running into this issue as well. Would it possible to remove it from the bounce list?


Hey @hamletave,

That’s done. Removed from the bounce list.

Hi, I believe I am having the same issue, I tested with a different email and that one worked.

Hi @jessefromcanada,

That email doesn’t exist in our bounce lists.

Any idea what else could stop the email? It works on my personal email, this one is a Google workplace email.