Forms Notifications are not sending email notifications

hey there @SRoa ,

we have checked in our system and we don’t have any blocks in place that might prevent emails from arriving.

when you are testing the forms functionality (and notifications) are using real data, or data entries like “name=test” email: or similar that might get caught by our spam filter?

we don’t notify on spam, so, thats another reason why you might not get a notification.

Hi Perry,
Hope I find you well. I’m having issues with my forms. Forms notifications coming from my website aren’t arriving immediately or not arriving at all to my custom emails( but work fine on normal Please, what could be the problem? The site id is da55a66d-a878-4e23-be12-6c6a001288fe

Hi, @slmcweay. Only one of those email addresses was blocked. It was the first email in the list here if you replace <site name> with the actual site subdomain:<site name>/settings/forms#form-notifications
  • That’s under Site Name > Site Settings > Forms > Form Notifications.

For that first email address we received a permanent email delivery failure on 2022-04-11 and we are required to stop sending emails when that happens. I’ve removed the email address from the email “hard bounce” list and emails are working for that email address again.

If you see any other emails delivery issues, please let us know. Again, I did check all email address and I only saw that one having issues. If you see any other issues with other email address though, please feel free to reply here anytime.

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated

Hi @perry I cannot receive notification email to the address Is this something that you can help with? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Hi, @vmikell. It looks like you moved this domain ( to Netlify DNS recently. However, when doing so, the existing DNS record required for email service to function were not copied to Netlify.

There is a support guide about how to fix this issue here:

The link above includes the anchor tag to take you to the part of the guide with the solution.

Once you get the email service working again, the emails should start sending. If they do not or if there are other questions, please let us know.

HI @luke
I have a form here Contato
and i’m receiving all the submissions on netlify but i’m not receiving the form notification on or
Could you check if they are on hard bounce?
Thank you in advance!

hi there @FeruYasu - neither of those email addresses are on are bounce list.

I have same issue with form posts working but notifications not working. We just realised the mailbox has been deleted so it would have been hard bouncing. It’s been reinstated and tested, email address is

Can you check your bounce list for it pls?

Hey there, @cyn3rgy :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! We have checked and that email is not on our hard bounce list.

As a next step, this Support Guide is the first port of call to debug any forms issues. Please start here and work through these resources!

If you are still having problems, please provide more information such as a link to your live form, your form name as it exists in the UI, what you have already tried when debugging this, etc.


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Thanks @hillary clearly I was having a moment… lol After reading the support guide, I found them under the SPAM submissions. Sorry to have wasted your time.



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Glad you found them! Happy building :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I believe I am having the same issue with my email:

Can someone take a look and let me know?


Hey there, @lawnstuds :wave:

It was on the bounce list! We have removed it. Let us know if this solves your problem!

Solved, thanks Hillary!

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My email was down for some time and I recently reactivated it. I believe it may be on the hard bounce list. is the email address, could you check it out and if it is could it be removed from the hard bounce list please, thank you.

Hello @wadethomastt :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. We have removed this email from the hard bounce list. Please let us know if you are still encountering obstacles.


Thanks @hillary , everything works fine now. I really appreciate you prompt response. Thanks again.

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Hi there,

I am having a similar issue with Form Notifications not being sent to my email. I was curious if it was on the Hard Bounce list and if so could be removed.

The email is

Thank you!

Hi @ChromeDomeWebDesigns,

This email is not on our bounce list, but our email provider is getting bounce notification from your mail provider. You might need to check what could be happening with the email.