Forms in old deploys are a source of spam

We have lots of old deploys; searching the forums it seems like deleting old deploys is not really an option; and I understand/respect the reasons.

In our case, we added recaptcha to our forms because we started getting spam, but all the old forms don’t have that protection.

Troublingly, the submissions on deploy previews don’t show up at all in the form submissions!

I am not 100% that it is old deploys causing the spam; but I can submit forms on old deploys and they don’t show up in our submission list. So I think it must be the case that old deploys are pointing to old form configs.

If you’d like to deploy your forms with a new form-name parameter, we can remove the old ones (AND THEIR DATA! PLEASE DOWNLOAD FIRST!) and then spammers can TRY to post, but we won’t accept their posts, or store their data, or notify you about it :slight_smile:

Let me know if that’s a possibility and we can help out from the backend. Deploys we have to keep since your site likely relies on some files that haven’t changed from the old deploys and are still being served from that copy; forms are not the same and can be deleted from our side.