Form submits, email is sent, but Netlify not showing on netlfiy

Sitename is gvdnewstack
Domain is

I have checked settings>build and deploy>form detection
I have also added environment settings to link to my stackbit site.

I can create a workaround with something like zapier but I’d prefer to just get this sorted if I can.

Thanks in advance.

P.s., I’m not a developer so go easy on me with any advice – I’m learning.

Hey John,

Thanks for reaching out about this! Sorry that you are having trouble getting your form submissions to work.

This Support Guide is the first port of call to debug any forms issues. Have you also read out Support Guides? If not, please start here and work through these resources!

If you are still encountering obstacles after reading those, please share a link to your live form, your form name as it exists in the UI, your project repo, etc.

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