Form submit - 404 on JS post

Netlify site name: uhsm-com
Problem page:
Form name: testimonial-video-v2

Originally intended to be a file upload form. I have removed the file, with intention to just get string values posted, but still unsuccessful.

Tried posting to the current path, it gives a 301 redirect with bodyUsed as fales. That’s returns as a successful post request, but does not insert a submission on Netlify.

Tried posting to base path (’/’), it gives a 404 result. I have tried specifying the content-type header with a js fetch request, and no content-type. Both return a 404.

build logs:
1:48:27 PM: Processing form - testimonial-video-v2
1:48:27 PM: Detected form fields:
1:48:27 PM: - full-name
1:48:27 PM: - email
1:48:27 PM: - video
1:48:28 PM: Post processing - header rules
1:48:28 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
1:48:28 PM: Post processing done
1:48:28 PM: Site is live :sparkles:
1:50:00 PM: Finished processing build request in 6m30.812964189s

Jist for the page source:

hi there, did you see these two guides already?

there might be something useful in there.

I pulled the list of useful info to post a support ticket from them. Yes, I did read them extensively.

I have a wild guess at the problem:

Maybe a failed attempt by me to implement a 301 redirect on the default page of this site is still hanging around. It might be causing a conflict with the generation of a post endpoint on that base url. I get a 301 redirect from specific pages (I’m assuming you just 301 redirect posts of any endpoint to the base), and do not see the underlying error because of it.

The 301 I tried was in the .toml, and has been removed for some time.

sureco, can you try “replacing” the 301 with a 301 redirect? just deleting the redirecting won’t remove it.