Form submissions missing some data inputs

Hi, we have multiples forms on our website, plain html generated with Middleman, we do get submissions, but we have added fields and they don’t show up in the main form. I can see them on 2 out of 6 forms.

I can see the fields on the live site (Source code), but not in the Netlify form submissions. And If I rename the problematic form, the fields appears and they disappear if I revert the name back to the original.

Here is the new fields:

<input type="hidden" id="utm_landing" name="utm_landing" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="CurrentPage" value="<%= current_page.url %>">

Here is my form header:

<form id="form-id" name="Form Name" method="post" class="form-cta-trustbox" data-netlify="true" data-name="Form Name" action="/merci/" netlify-honeypot="bot-field">

Please provide a link to your live site hosted on Netlify.


Hiya, sorry you are having trouble getting your forms to work.

This Support Guide is the first port of call to debug any forms issues. There are also many other Support Guides for forms - you can find them here: #Netlify-support:support-guides

We also recommend trying to search the forums or look at topics tagged Netlify forms if you haven’t already - it’s likely your question was already asked by someone else!

If you are still having problems, please provide more information such as what you have already tried, and a link to your live form. :slight_smile:

Hi, yes we still have bugs, and i think that we have included everything in the OP. I’ve managed to find that if I change the form name this will work. I need help on that. Thanks.

Forms Not Ok with missing UTM Landing and Current Page fields answers when the form is submitted :
Netlify App (Live here : Prix Assurance Vie | Comparez +15 Assureurs en 1 clic)

Form Ok , contain both new fields, UTM Landing and Current Page , and result are outputted correctly :
Netlify App (Live here : Assurance Invalidité - Prix Assurance Vie)
Netlify App (Not live, just a renaming test)

Thanks a lot.

I’ve finally changed the name of the problematic form.