Form Submission Notifications are being sent over and over and over again

This happens for multiple sites and has been going on for a while, but repeated notifications have been happening once, maybe twice after the original submission.

Last night and all throughout today thought I have been having one repeatedly notify me (and annoyingly, my client) every couple of hours.

Site: Netlify App

In this case the client has confirmed that the form submitter has set up an appointment so I know that they are not just sitting there spamming the form with the identical response. I think something is getting stuck in your internal task queues.

Hiya, I see our team is already working with you in the helpdesk. We will follow up with a response there.

Hi SamO actually I am not very confident in their diagnosis. Here is what they think but I don’t understand how browser could submit a form on refresh since its guarded behind a button:

40x40 Hrishikesh (Netlify)

Jun 4, 2023, 7:52 AM EDT

Does Greg or other clients have used a mobile device and leave the tab open after submission? So whenever they open the mobile browser again, the form submission is sent again.

This is not limited to mobile browsers now. With the latest versions of Chrome desktop, it suspends tabs and automatically reloads them when active, which would also cause such a behaviour.

Finally, if you setup ReCaptcha, you won’t have this issue at all.