Form submission is not working properly and html code on the netlify site is different from the github repository

Hello! I am having a problem getting my form submission to work properly for my website, what happens is that after all of the information is filled out and I hit the submit button, the page reloads and the submission is not sent. I also have noticed that the html in the live site on Netlify is different from the html that is in the Github repository.

I am at a total loss on what to do

Hey @JerJohnston,
It looks like you’re using curly quotes around some of your site attributes, which seems insignificant, but is actually preventing us from encoding your form correctly! Could you try using single quotes like ' or straight quotes like " instead?

More on the difference if you’re curious:

As for the additional hidden input that appears on Netlify but not Github: that is a field we add, nothing to be worried about, and something we’ll be adding to our docs shortly.

I dont even know how that happened lol weird, anyways that fixed the problem, the form works perfectly now. Thank you!

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