Form submission doesn't show thank you page

Hey everyone! I tried my best to not posting a new topic since I see this is frequently asked, but after following this guide my form works well and the data appears in the Netlify UI, but I have no idea on why I can’t get the thank you page, the page just refreshes.

Here’s the code of the form:

<form class="form" name="contact" method="POST" data-netlify="true">
  <fieldset class="form__field mb15">
    <label class="form__label" for="name"></label>
    <input class="form__input" name="name" type="text" id="name" placeholder="Name">

  <fieldset class="form__field mb15">
    <label class="form__label" for="phone"></label>
    <input class="form__input" name="phone" type="tel" name="" id="phone" placeholder="Phone number">

  <fieldset class="form__field mb15">
    <label class="form__label" for="email"></label>
    <input class="form__input" name="email" type="email" name="" id="email" placeholder="Email address">

  <textarea class="form__texta" name="message" placeholder="Your message"></textarea>

  <button class="form__button" type="submit">
    <img src="../assets/svg/submit.svg" alt="submit">

And the site link if you want to check it out.

Is there something I might be missing? I appreciate if I can get any insight.

I was able to get to the Thank You page:

I just filled a form with Test entries and got the thank you page.