Form submission CSV export missing data

Form: " Team Bundle Inquiry" (6390971c7bd36d00094f586e)
Field: General Training and Education

When expanding the submissions in the UI, I see the value “[“General Training and Education”, “Certifications (and related prep courses)”]”

When exporting as CSV, that column has no value.

Hi slegay,

Is this field that is missing optional in the form? Do these field values appear in the Ui and not in the data?

Correct, values appear in the UI but not in CSV report

Hey @slegay,

We were seeing such an issue in the past, but this was fixed after the initial report. Since you mention this is happening again, I’ve asked the devs to check this one again and let us know.

Hey @slegay,

This should now be fixed. Could you confirm if that’s the case? If not, could you please provide the values of your form’s field names?

Hi, I can confirm that the data is now in the exported CSV. Thank you!