Form resubmission: 200 response to my POST instead of 302

I am getting multiple submissions on my form. When I test the form I can confirm I am getting a 200 response on the POST. I’d read on a similar Support Forum post that a 302 response would be the more ideal response (Netlify form resubmitting on page refresh (Safari only) - #4 by jonsully).

Is there anything I can do to stop the resubmissions from happening on my “Thanks” page?

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There may be ways to mitigate the issue. Are you using a pure static form? Or a javascript-driven / Ajax form submission workflow? I might assume it’s the former knowing the issue, and if that’s the case, you may be able to write a small bit of javascript on your “Thanks” page that effectively refreshes the page. It’s not the cleanest way to go about the problem, but it ought to fix the immediate issue.

Hope that helps!


Hi @jonsully thank you for the awesome welcome!

It is a pure static form, I’m still learning vanilla JavaScript, but I’ll try doing some research and any guidance you can share would be greatly appreciated!

Of course!

Running location.reload() anywhere in the JS that runs on the page should do the trick.