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Form processing

So I deployed my app and it’s a two page web site with a form in each but only the form on the home page is active on my neylify account the second form on the “/accounts” don’t seem to be working

Hi @scojon1973

Are you able to share the name of your site?
Is your site built using React, Next, Nuxt, etc. or static HTML/CSS/JS?
Can you share the repository you are deploying from?

The site is a static HTML/CSS

Can you share the URL?

Have you tried looking through this support guide

I’ve done all that, the form is correct I’ve checked it multiple times

https://zen-khorana-29c1de.netlify.app/, that’s the site url it was for teaching purpose on how you can make a site like exactly like another site with your own codes but ran into issues with the second form

So the form at https://zen-khorana-29c1de.netlify.app/ is the one that is working, and the form at https://zen-khorana-29c1de.netlify.app/account is not working, is that correct?

This is because the action on the form at /account points to a location that is not on Netlify it points to https://support.trustwallet.com/ which means the data is posted (the method='post') to the endpoint specified in the action and not by the Netlify Forms functionality.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Change the action value to something valid.

By something valid you mean a netlify site?

Yes. If a form is posting to somewhere else, Netlify has no need to process the data.