Form not sending to, works on another email

Is on the hard bounce list? form is working for other emails

No the email is not on the hard bounce list. I suspect this is an issue with their email provider.

It was registered from google workspace, is there anything I should do?

Not really other than wait. Sometimes with new emails created on google workspace specifically with a new domain it doesn’t receive emails right away. I’d look at this documentation that google created about workspace emails.

Was registered a while ago so can’t imagine it’ll be that, possible the MX mentioned in the docs?

Also the email receives emails fine, just not via netlify form

Hi, @liamsegura. I’m showing three successful email deliveries to that email address from Netlify in the last 24 hours. Your email service has confirmed the successful deliveries. If you do not see the emails in your inbox, please contact the technical support for your email to find out where the emails are.

I dont see an option to contact anyone for google domains for this…

Hi, @liamsegura. The emails might just be in the spam folder. If not, only the technical support for your email service can troubleshoot this.

When an email is received by an email server, it sends a response that communicates if the delivery is successful or not. Your email service is sending a response that confirms a successful delivery of these emails.

Netlify has no visibility beyond that point. What happens to the email after the successful delivery is something only the email provider can answer. As we are not the email provider, we don’t have any more information about this.