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Form is not showing in the Forms tab


I have set up a website built with React and I have a contact page with a form that doesn’t show up in the Netlify Forms tab and I am not sure why. I used everything from the docs and did some more research but with no success.

Can you please help?

Thank you!

This is the link to my site: https://freshtech-colombia.netlify.app
This is the link to my repository: GitHub - petudeveloper/freshtech-web-page at version-1

Hi @petumazo

Looking at your repository, it does not appear you have followed the Work with JavaScript-rendered forms and created a hidden form for Netlify to detect during deploy.

In coelmay/netlify-react-contact I put this form inside a file named contact_form.html inside the public directory.


Thank you very much, I solved following your instructions.

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