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Form is not Secure. Autofill is turned off

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So currently I have deployed my site, and I have received my SSL certificated and the site is under HTTPS. So all should be secure and safe, in accordance to Google Chrome’s standards. But for some reason my forms would pop up a message that would say “This is form is not secure. Autofill is turned off”. I am afraid that my visitors would see the message and not continue with filling anything.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi @wissam

Can you provide the URL for your site?

Hi @coelmay,

Sure of course:

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Thanks @wissam

This is the form element I see on your site.


You have set the encoding type (enctype) to text/plain, which is certainly not secure.

Are you intending to use Netlify Forms which would show form submissions in the Netlify App UI? This is a simple method of receiving form submissions.

Another (slightly more complicated method) is to use a serverless function which would capture the user input and send an email to you.

If you wish to keep the form as you have it, looking at How to Create an HTML Form That Sends You an Email instead of using text/plain, you should use multipart/form-data. (I must add that I have never created a contact form using this method.)

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