Forgot email account associated with Netlify, Please help me know email id from site & domain info

Site Name :
Custom Domain :

I have completely forgot the email ID associated with this account. I critically need to recover this netlify account and make changes to site. I tried to create new account and use domain name, but it says domain name already in use. It would be huge huge help if i just get the email id or netlify username to recover this account. Please Please help.

I have sent a password resent email to the email address of the account owner for this site but I cannot tell you what email address that is. Hopefully, you will be able to check possible inboxes to determine the correct email address.

If all else fails, we can delete the domain from the existing site and account so you can use it on the new account. To do this, please following the instructions here:

Then reply here once the verification DNS record is working.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi Luke, thanks for prompt reply. I tried with signing in with 12 accounts and hopefully I found the one which had the site I mentioned.
PS : Please give SignIn with Google as option

Thanks :slight_smile:

I completely forgot the email ID associated with this site Age caluter Please Please help.

Hi @makemon

Thanks you for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums!

I’ve had a forgot password email sent to the email address of the account owner for the site you mentioned. For Privacy reason we cannot tell you what that email address is. You should be able to check your inboxes to determine which is the correct email address.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi, my account was hacked and deleted and I can’t recover it. Is there any way to remove the project favicon and make me a copy of this project on a new account ? I can tell you the address of the github that was on the old account, it was also deleted.

No. We cannot do that without a written authorization from the current owner from the registered email.