Force HTTPS for custom domain

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If your sites don’t have https forced automatically, either:

  • they are very old sites (I checked and it is not old enough to be in that group; we started forcing SSL in 2017 sometime).
  • something went wrong during certificate provisioning and we didn’t force ssl when we couldn’t get a certificate.

We intend to force it on all sites; if the button in the UI isn’t working to force SSL let me know and I can turn it on in our database for you across all of your sites.

I wouldn’t expect this to happen again today; we’ve made a lot of improvements to our SSL code since that site was created in Jun 2019 :slight_smile:

I see the button, but I have a few hundred sites that don’t have force HTTPS, and don’t want to click that button by hand for each one. Is there a way you can apply force HTTPS to all of my sites in one go? Or if not, does the Netlify API support forcing HTTPS so that I could write a script to do this?

Hi, @mrcodeswildride. Our support team can enable forced SSL for all your sites. Would you like for us to us to do so now?

Yes please. Thank you!

Hi, @mrcodeswildride. The forced SSL setting has been enabled for all sites on your team.