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For domain hosted by netlify, point subdomain at another netlify site

Hi, I have a project using custom domain (let say its abc.com) that is hosted at netlify.com
I created another project in netlify (lets say subproject.netlify.app) that i would like a subdomain of abc.com (let say subproject.abc.com) to point to.

I have tried these methods that don’t work:

  • create CNAME record for subproject.abc.com with value - subproject.netlify.app
    • result is just subproject.abc.com points at homepage of abc.com
  • create a subdomain under domain settings of project with custom domain abc.com
    • result was a NETLIFY record created in netlify DNS that points back to homepage of abc.com

can someone provide a solution? Thank you very much

Hi @crato

I take it you are using Netlify DNS for your domain? If so, all you need do is add the custom domain (e.g. sub.example.com) to your second project and Netlify will automagically create the necessary records.

As an example, I added netlify-bare.coelmay.net.au as a custom domain

and in Netlify DNS, the record for this was generated for me

Hi coelmay,

thats great! Many thanks for your quick reply and helpful screenshots.

At first I thought adding the custom domain subdomain to the second project required transfering the whole custom domain over so i hesitated to proceed. After seeing your reply, I did as you said and it works like magic!