For a data sync service, are standard function or edge functions a better choice?

Hello, I am working on a super small project. It is just a function that in need to run on an interval that performs a simple sync of a small amount of data between a cuple systems. I have the code already working localy.

Seems like my two option would be standard functions or edge functions. Wondering what to select. It seems edge functions benifit is mostly around being closser to the requestor. Which would lead me to think that standard functions would be fine. But unless i misunderstand pricing, it seems that edge functions are cheaper.

Anyway, I am just wondering what people might suggest as the best option to run a simple data sync script.


Hi @jeff-taste

Not sure what you are trying to implement here. There is no way to use a serverless, or edge, function to synchronise data from another system to a site deployed on Netlify. Any data that exists in a function ceases to exist when the function is finished.

Any data required for a deployed site needs either bundling when building, or fetching on page request (for which either serverless or edge functions would work for returning data to your site.)

There are more edge function requests per pricing tier than serverless (3m vs 125k) so technically they are cheaper. However they are different in that serverless run on NodeJS, while edge run on Deno so they don’t have the same support. Another major difference is serverless functions have an execution limit of 10 seconds while edge functions have a 50ms limit.