Flush DNS on build VMs

Hi Netlify support team,

We recently updated our api location, and it seem like the build machine needs time to be aware of the update.
I would like to flush DNS on our build VMs eventually, is there a way to achieve that?
Or could you give me insight about how many time it takes for our build engine to get DNS updates ?

Our app id : 2d8e4327-cb5f-49c9-a338-66a667d317ba

Many thanks,
ps : happy to see that you promptly overcome issues you have got this week!

Hey there, @Compagnie :wave:

Thanks for your kind words and for reaching out. Our Docs covers how to accelerate cache expiration for your domains. This is the tool recommended: Flush Cache  |  Public DNS  |  Google Developers

You can read more here:

Let us know if this gets you on the right track!

Hi @hillary :wave:,

Right to the point !
Thanks for those precious links.

Have a nice day.

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