First Time User: I Have a Few Questions

I set up a Hugo-based Netlify site yesterday and am having trouble with a few things:

  • How do I remove nonexistent (deleted) pages from the navbar?
  • nav links at the top of the page stopped working when I changed my Netlify URL and lead to the old URL.
  • How do I get Netlify Identity working so I can access the CMS?
  • Is there a possibility I could qualify for a student discount?
  • Is there a way that I can upload posts to GitHub and bypass the CMS?

Hey @SamGreenwood,

  1. I believe, you would have to write the code to handle that.
  2. We’d need to know the site URL.
  3. Documentation is here: Add to Your Site | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
  4. We don’t offer a student discount, we offer open source plan: Netlify for Students?
  5. CMS is not compulsory. You are free to use your IDE to add Markdown or any type of files yourself.

The error I get when I try to login to the CMS has changed now it says “Git Gateway Error: Please ask your site administrator to reissue the Git Gateway token.”, I’ve tried resetting the token in my Netilify dashboard and it’s still not working. But at least the site seems to finally be updating when I add to the GH repo.

Could the problem be that the GH Gateway has no role assigned?

You do not need to set a role. Does this help?

I don’t see that section in my dashboard. Does it need a GitHub API Key?

How do I make a blog page?

Hey there, @SamGreenwood :wave:

We are excited you are interested in the Netlify CMS! There are some great resources that outline how to get started as a first time user.

Here are two actionable resources that I think will be beneficial for you:

Please give those a read and try following the steps outlined! :rocket:

I apologize for the late reply I’ve been really busy with school and sorta forgot about this.

I’ve fixed one page but can’t figure out how to get the second working. Also, I’m still getting that error when I try to access the admin portal.

Hey there, @SamGreenwood :wave:

Hope school has been going well!

Can you please share your site URL, as well as further details about “working”-- are you seeing specific errors? If so, can you share a screenshot of them?

Regarding the Git Gateway error, what steps from the thread have you attempted?

As a best practice, the more details and specific links you can share, the better. This will help us understand what you are seeing on your end, and what not to suggest based on steps you have already taken.

Thanks so much!

How would I set the posts on a page to be blog formatted?

That depends on how you setup your template. It’s outside of Netlify’s scope to control that.