Few Forms feature requests

Hi everyone,
I use Netlify Forms a lot. It’s one of best form solution on the market. We even build those for websites that are not on Netlify yet.

There are few things that could be added/improved though:

  1. Form submission confirmation email for form submitter with body customization.

  2. Customizable body format of the email notification - I found that HTML table format is much easier to read, especially in long threads.

  3. Remove “[Netlify]” from the subject - already mentioned here

  4. Option to have uploads added to the notification as attachemnts - a big thing for all documents, etc.

  5. Customizable “From” name of the email notification.


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Hello Pat! Welcome!

We’ll be looking at doing some improvements on forms later this year, so this list is super useful and I’ll add them to our internal feature request list for forms.

Thank you.

No problem. I noticed that I didn’t mention “why.”

The reason behind those feature requests is to be able to hit “reply” in the notification email, so the context of the form submission is stored in the same email thread - making life easier for both sides.

It might be a bit obvious, but deleting dummy forms from the sites dashboard would be pretty useful!

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we are working on this, @tomrutgers! No timeline, but we have it on the radar :slight_smile:

Figured as much, but wanted to make sure. :+1: