Fetching remote images cause error

Hi everyone,

new on netlify, i would like to use it to deploy a static site made with Gridsome.
The site is a simple blog, fetching content from a wordpress backend.

I’m using the remote image downloader plugin to fetch media.

for my first build with netlify, i’m facing this error for every image :

RequestError: connect ETIMEDOUT
8:23:41 AM: Unable to download image for WordPressPost - Source URL: 

i found on internet that the reason might be a problem with a proxy or permission, but i don’t know where to start…

should i authorize Netlify public IP (if one exists) on the remote server where content is fetched ?
(sorry if this is a stupid question :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help !

allright, i think i have an idea…

we had redirect all “old” image path to the website where the static site is actually hosted… so Netlify did not find the image url… sounds logic

is there a way i can exclude netlify request from the remote server’s redirects rules ?

No, i was wrong… i was only redirect when reaching the IP present in the error…
The image url is working, and serving the media from the blog server

hi there, sorry to be slow to reply. Can you explain in a different way what is happening? is this still a problem? i am not quite sure i understand. thanks!

Hi Perry,

I figured out what was the problem : as i said in the first post, i’m using a gridsome module to fetch remote image in my project. Images should be downloaded in the project.
For some reason, the download was unable to complete.
What i did is commit the image folder on my repo. I know it seems weird as the folder is huge, but it fixes the problem, and avoid a first build which in all case, should have failed, as the folder is huge.

Build is now ok, but may i ask you one more question here ?

Even if the build is ok, and the site is fine, i sometime have an error message saying “Failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit”. Searching on the forum, i’ve found that it is due to a limit of 15min for free account. So i changed plan to PRO, but i still (not everytime) get the message. My build time is between 15-20min. Is there a way to avoid that ?


hey oldbeaver,

we can definitely update your build time 10 more than 15 minutes. It is standard 15 minutes for all free and Pro accounts. Can you confirm the site name (or tell me the API ID, is safe to share)


Hi Perry,

the sitename is : loving-bardeen-dd7a3f
the API ID is : 79235fa3-43c0-4b37-b902-acb89270652b

Thanks !

hi there, sorry to be a bit slow on this. You now have a 30 minute build timeout!

Hi perry,

thanks for your help !