Feature Request: Integration with Azure DevOps as a git provider

A lot of big companies use Azure DevOps as a git provider. It would be nice to be able to have Gatsby Cloud as building and hosting service alternative for those clients.

I do know that Netlify’s Gatsby build service supports this, so if they are becoming one rather sooner than later that might solve this. On the other hand the competence how to implement this is already in the company, making this an easier feature request to implement if they are going to stay two separate products for a considerable while.

Hi @tinglof,

Since Gatsby Cloud would sooner or later be merged into Netlify, I don’t think this implementing this feature now would be a good idea. Gatsby Cloud folks should probably start migrating to Netlify anyways, before the announcement is made and thus, avoid the sudden chaos.

There is no timeline yet as to till when Gatsby Cloud will exist as a separate product, but it’s probably a good idea to not wait till the end of it.