Feature images randomly appear / disappear

Hi - Some feature images fail to display after deployment to https://www.quantumjitter.com/ on the projects page and/or the blog page.

If I re-trigger a deployment with “clear cache and deploy site”, then some missing images re-appear and others disappear even though nothing else has changed.

It doesn’t seem to be a browser issue as different devices show the same missing images.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

All images appear to be loading. Do you have some more info that can help us see the problem?

Hi - After a few deploys yesterday (with no other change) I got one that rendered all images. Earlier deploys randomly excluded between one and three images. I added asset optimisation for images in the deploy settings yesterday to see if that helps too.

Do you have a previous deploy in which this was not working correctly?

Today’s two were okay, as were the last two yesterday. The others yesterday were problematic. Thank you for taking a look.

I can see a broken image in this one: Little Projects | Quantum Jitter

I can see that the file /project/happiness/featured.gif does exist in that deploy. Two things to try:

  1. Try making sure all your file names are in lowercase.
  2. I can see you’re using Hugo. Instead of using .Permalink try using .RelPermalink for your assets so they load relative to your site instead of your base URL in config.toml.
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The eighth one down on the Projects page (East-West) is also not showing the image in that deploy.

I can see that some of the projects / posts (including the East-West one) have files named featured.GIF, so I’ll try standardising on lower-case first to see if that resolves the problem in future deploys.

Many thanks Hrishikesh

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