Fallback: true Suddenly stopped working

We have been using fallback: true in getStaticPaths for awhile now. Today it suddenly stopped working and Netlify’s build error doesn’t provide any real details, just a failed error, with: “Command failed with exit code 1: yarn build”. We haven’t changed anything in our repo, and when we remove the “fallback: true”, and make it false everything works again. Just 24 hours ago, the same exact build with “fallback: true” would work. Everything also works locally with fallback:true. Did Netlify change something internally so fallback: true no longer works?

Hi there, @osseonews

Sorry to hear you are encountering this! Can you share your Netlify site name, your repo, and your most recent build log with us? We would appreciate it!

Thanks for the reply. We figured it out, as we upgraded the netlify plugin for Nextjs and the newer version appears to handle fallback differently than previously. So we adjusted some code and it seems to be working again.

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Hey there, @osseonews :wave:

That is great! Thank you so much for the quick follow-up. I am glad this is working for you now :netliconfetti: