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Failure to provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate

Hello, I am trying to transfer my site to use my custom domain name (purchased at namecheap). I was successful in verifying the DNC configuration but when I try to provision my certificate I am getting a missing certificate error message. It has been 5 days since the DNS configured successfully, so time shouldn’t be my issue. I am unsure of what to do to resolve this. Thanks for your help!

Hey @ajpetz,

Starters for 10, could you ensure that you’ve worked through this handy common issue discussion? There’s some useful tips to ensure that everything is as expected and even a link out to the custom domains and DNS doc.

Let me know how you get on!

Thanks @Scott. I had looked used these documents initially. I haven’t changed anything today but it is now working! Appreciate the help.

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I have connected my deployed Netlify app to a custom GoDaddy domain, but for some reason it is not able to provision an SSL certificate. I am getting a “missing certificate” after verifying the DNS and attempting to generate the certificate, as shown in the attached images. I thought that maybe it would just need some time to resolve itself but it has been like this for a little over a week.
[Netlify App](https://Here’s my site.)


I’m having the same problem as @panoptic1

@panoptic1, I got the provisioned SSL certificate the next day after experiencing the “missing certificate” problem as you.

Hi @panoptic1

Looks like you got a working SSL as well.